Online Degrees: They Make You a Better Employee

Few of us can afford the luxury of going to university for its original intention: to engage in a community of ideas where we challenge ourselves and those around us. Instead, college has become an institution where we pick up a degree because it's now a requirement to give us a fighting chance at a good job. The competition for those jobs is fiercer than ever, and many students will do whatever it takes to rise to the top. What some of them don't know, though, is how they can use their online degrees to market themselves as superior job candidates.

Benefits of an Online Degree

People choose online degrees for a variety of reasons, with each one contributing to make you a better employee. It's not that students who take degrees at a brick-and-mortar school make bad employees, it's just that you have an edge they don't.

Cost: With far less overhead, colleges can offer online degrees at a cheaper cost than if you did it in person. As well, the need for textbooks is reduced because your profs can simply post readings online, saving you hundreds of dollars.

How this makes you a better employee: More than your other coworkers, you understand financial efficiency and where to cut costs in areas others might miss. You're also not afraid to leap into the digital future and embrace technology, instead of relying on archaic methods.

Flexibility: When you take an online course, you work on your classes at times when it's convenient for you. An emergency doctor's appointment? No problem, you can do your work before or after and not worry about missing a crucial lecture.

How this makes you a better employee: Laidback, roll-with-the-punches employees are highly valued in the workforce because they don't freak out at the smallest things. But along with your flexible personality, you also understand the importance of deadlines.

Self-Paced Work: Typically, online courses lay out the entire semester right off the bat, giving you the chance to get everything done in one week, space it out evenly, or work in spurts.

How this makes you a better employee: You've already shown a proven ability to get work done, and to be able to do it without supervision. Online degrees require a much greater degree of self-sufficiency, and every manager loves not having to constantly watch their employees.

Work-Life Balance: If you've got a job with unusual hours, a stressful family life, health conditions that need constant monitoring, or anything else that could interfere with attending classes, an online degree eliminates most of that.

How this makes you a better employee: Contrary to popular belief, employers don't actually want you to make your job your only focus. That kind of intensity is unhealthy because when something goes wrong, everything is wrong. But not you, because you know the importance of setting aside time for both work and pleasure.

These are but a few of the many ways in which taking your degree online contributes to you being a better employee. In fact, there are so many ways that it'd be impossible to list them all, but let us know which ones are your favorites!