Online learning continues to grow in popularity as people look for flexible scheduling options

More people are turning to online education
More people are turning to online education

As more individuals are finding that they do not have the time to commit to a brick-and-mortar curriculum, many people who are interested in pursuing a higher education are increasingly turning to online programs.

The popularity of online learning has increased significantly over the past few years, particularly because the "learn on your own time" approach has proven beneficial for a number of different schedules. Because online learners can set their own pace, they will be able to ensure that they are not getting swallowed by attending classes on top of working and supporting a family.

The Sloan Consortium reports that more Americans are choosing to enter online education on an explosive level. In 2010, the number of students enrolled in virtual programs grew by more than 1 million individuals.

Additionally, there was a 21 percent growth rate for online enrollments the last time the Consortium conducted a survey, which was for the 2010 report.

As this trend continues, more schools are opting to include these kinds of programs for their students in an effort to reach a broader audience.