3 Online Learning Tips to Start Using from Non-Americans

The internet has shrunk a lot of borders, but it hasn't completely blended cultures together seamlessly. As Americans, we may feel that we have the edge when it comes to online learning, but there's still a lot we can learn from other countries. By picking up their styles and habits, we can streamline our own process and become far more efficient online students than before.

Take Personal Time

We're used to the mentality of work, work, work. Things like evenings and weekends disappear if a job needs to get done, and the vast majority just give in and do it. But in a lot of European countries, that notion is still a really strange one.

For example, the French workweek is only 35 hours long and workers get 5 weeks of paid vacation each year…and they're still one of the most productive countries in the world. This is because they think long-term and understand the beauty of personal time, and it's a quality we can adopt for ourselves. You don't necessarily have to alternate one study hour with one nap hour, but take time for yourself to recharge and refocus on your online learning.

Tone Things Down

One of the biggest things non-Americans notice about Americans is our tendency to state everything in the most descriptive of terms, and let our personal life bleed into our academic and business lives.

Because you're engaging in online learning, go ahead and keep your personality intact! But one way you can transfer this non-American tip into your academics is to look at how you write essays and exams. Is your writing full of hyperbole and superlatives? Does everything need to be described in the nth degree, or can you restrain your style a little and write in a more temperate way?

Don't be Afraid to Delve In

Right now, Americans are finding themselves in an interesting situation based on politeness and political correctness. As the country struggles to find that happy medium ground where they can express their opinions but feel secure minority groups won't be offended, a lot of mistakes get made.

However, in Europe, they've had hundreds to thousands of years to figure those things out, and have no problem being self-deprecating. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to completely alter your learning style and become someone else. One thing you can do, though, is put aside anxieties about getting to the heart of the matter and exploring all sides of it. Your main task as an online student is to think critically and deeply about matters, and you can't do that if you're constantly afraid to wade into sensitive territory.