Online university adds master's-level training courses for future counselors and teachers

Future counselors and teachers may train in career skills online.
Future counselors and teachers may train in career skills online.

Online coursework does not always involve purely academic study that is limited to the classroom.

A number of distance learning classes train individuals in the social and instructional skills they may eventually utilize in community-oriented careers. Teachers, social workers and counselors employ a diverse set of tools to properly target the unique needs of their students, clients and patients.

To help these professionals, one distance learning institution is expanding its academic options through its master's in education program. Enrolled individuals may now specialize in family and community services through the college's internet-based learning classes. The new online courses will familiarize students with the specific challenges of counseling children and their families.

Others who plan to become elementary or middle school instructors will be able to sharpen their math teaching skills. Dr. Rebecca Wardlow, the director of the university's college of education, noted that the "specialization, with 12 credits of mathematics instruction, will address specific topics such as teaching algebraic thinking, the use of technology in...instruction, and addressing math and science instruction together."