Technology and education are expected to be increasingly integrated over the coming years

Technology and education will be integrated more over the next years.
Technology and education will be integrated more over the next years.

Over the past few years, changes in the education field have been primarily centered around the benefits of technology.

In the next years, more higher education institutions will follow the lead of government and business. The Navy trains its recruits through online tutors to become IT systems administrators. Some businesses use games to teach peer collaboration. College students increasingly have access to digital tutors and educational software that nearly replicates the experience of speaking with a real person.

Many schools are pairing with online education providers who offer personalized virtual learning environments (VLEs) with interactive classrooms and live lecture feeds. These organizations link nontraditional students and their professors. They frequently survey the needs of enrollees, and are able to easily tailor their VLE structure.

Moreover, digital teaching is continually being changed by innovation. For instance, researchers recently developed a game that students use to learn fractions. This VLE is a type of laboratory in which students can eventually master deeper mathematical concepts.

As President Obama spoke today on new U.S. educational strategies, students and educators may expect to see web-based and digital learning expand over the next years. The President announced a $90 million investment in a competition for technology innovations that improve the learning experience.