The Best Degrees for Self-Employment

There are individuals who are tired of waiting for the job market to turn around. They have been looking for a job for over a year and have been unable to find employment in their field or in a field that will cover living expenses. For these individuals the concept of self employment is very appealing. If you are considering self employment and making your own career rather than being hired into a career, here are some degrees for self employment to give you some ideas.

Blogging Certification

It may come as a shock to most people, but there are degrees and certifications in blogging. These degrees are not for your daily blogs. These degrees and certifications cover how to start a blog, market a blog and most importantly how to make money with your blog. Internet marketing and affiliate marketing play in heavily to this degree choice. The benefit of this degree is that people can discuss what they love, their strengths and work from home. It is truly an option for people who want to share their knowledge and make money doing it.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing degrees

are available in certification, undergraduate and graduate degree forms. These degree plans allow students to learn the basics and advanced topics associated with internet marketing. This degree plan includes social media marketing, affiliate marketing and online business marketing. The overall concept of this degree plan has lead many individuals to own successful online businesses with various expanded services and options.

Daycare Management

Daycare management is the career choice of many stay at home moms and dads who find their strengths in caring for children. Daycare management degree programs are available online and in traditional junior colleges. These degrees lead to amazing opportunities in self employment as a day care provider. In fact, individuals who live near police stations, factories and correctional facilities have found that opening a daycare that serves individuals and families 24 hours a day is a lucrative and rewarding business.


Military veterans and individuals interested in firearms may find their career path leads to a


in Gunsmithing. Gunsmithing is very much a self employed position that leads to rewarding opportunities, but requires the individual to prove their skills daily. The more an individual knows about guns and Gunsmithing the more they are able to offer to businesses, pawn shops and private clients.