What to Know about Online Certifications

Before attending an online certification course, signing up for a course or finding an online certification course there are several aspects that students need to know. These aspects are important in helping a student decide what kind of online certification they want to pursue and with what organization they would like to see that certification with. It is a common misconception that online certifications must be given through an academic avenue. In fact, many business online certifications such as social media certifications may be obtained through other business owners and through business organizations that have no academic holdings.

A Certification May Not Be Enough

There is a misconception among students that taking a certification is not enough for them to work within the field. A prime example of when this is not the case is with medical billing and coding. A student may want to work as a medical billing and coding specialist and due to this desire will sign up for an online certification in medical billing and coding. However, the medical billing and coding certification is only an educational resource to prepare the student for the national certification which is required to work as a medical billing and coding professional. The certification, then necessary to pass the test, may also not be enough for the student to begin work immediately. Students must check with area resources to ensure what they will need beyond the certification including experience and other national certifications.

Certification Resources

A student should know what type of certification resources they need before signing up for certification course. For example some businesses may require that certification the provided by a DETC certified organization. Other businesses may not care who the certification resource is through and only care that the student has education in the field and is certified.

Certification vs. Degree

There is a large difference between a certification and a degree. Before a student signs up for a certification course they need to check with their career counselor, or with the business that they wish to work through. This will ensure if they need a certification in addition to a college degree in their career choice or if they need a national certification or an educational certification. Online certification versus are considered an educational certification. A certification in addition to a degree would be an associate or bachelors degree with a combined national certification or state certification in that field.

Necessary Certification

Before a student commits to an online certification and the financial requirements of that certification, they should first check to ensure that the certification is in fact necessary. It is a common misconception that the certification is required for certain jobs. For example, someone wishing to be an herbalist or natural herbal consultant may believe that they must have an herbalist certification. In fact, there is no certification work requirement or licensing authority for herbalists in the United States. Students may obtain their knowledge through certification if they wish or through self education methods. For many students, they may find out after spending thousands of dollars on a certification program that they did not in fact need that certification program for the job they want to do.