5 Essential Tools that Help You Manage a Busy Life

No college student has it easy, with deadlines and assignments piling up faster than you know what to do with. In the rush to do well at school but maintain a personal life, too, sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. But because of this very problem having existed for so long, a number of crucial tools for good time management has emerged, and here's the definitive list.


This is neither a magical nor new tool, but it's a highly effective one. As good as your mind may be for remembering bits of information, there invariably comes a time when you'll get overloaded and forget something. A calendar, on the other hand, can't forget anything because its sole purpose is to give you a hard copy of the dates and what needs to be done on them. There are many variations to using a calendar if you're not the calendar type: your iPhone, Google Drive, an organizer, paper calendar, various apps, and even writing things down with marker on glass windows.


When you need to send or receive large files, such as images or videos for an essay, Dropbox is one of the go-to places for time management. You won't have to worry about whether you brought the right laptop with you or if you remembered to email documents to yourself; just put it in Dropbox and go. Closely tied to this is Google Drive, although the files you can put on Drive can't be as large.

Chrome Remote Desktop

As good as you may be at remembering to dump files into Dropbox or Drive, create a backup system with this app that lets you control your desktop remotely. It's free, incredibly easy to use, and install the extension on your desktop. To keep things secure, you'll have to choose a PIN, but you can opt to bypass this on your smartphone. Only downside? At this very second, it's only available for Android, but Google promises an app for iOS will be out later this year.


Sometimes, all you need is a good soundtrack to relax you and put you in a productive frame of mind. This music concierge can do just that, offering up thousands of songs according to your very mood. The site "sees" what day and time it is for you, and suggests five different ways you can narrow down your mood (e.g. working out, working in an office, enjoying the morning, etc.), gives you another five ways to narrow down music for the time of day, and then finalizes music from three different eras.

Universal Password Manager

Colleges are notorious for requiring you to have secure passwords, even if that makes it much harder to remember them, and some schools want you to change that every year. If you're not the type of person to have one password for everything, this app keeps everything you need in one. And for security, the database it uses is encrypted so you have peace of mind.