Families Seeking Theology Degrees to Keep Homeschool Options

An increasing number of families are seeking theology degrees by one or both parents. This increase into the theology programs offered online and throughout the country are related directly to homeschool options. Several states have implemented church school programs as one of the few options open to homeschool parents. This option comes with several guidelines that parents must follow. So, how does a theology degree help parents homeschool their children? Here is an explanation that may clear up any misconceptions or confusion.

Church Schools

When the term church school is used, the majority of parents will think of church daycare or private religious schools located near or around specific churches. When states and the Department of Education discuss church schools, they refer to homeschool programs that are connected with a church and run out of the home of the homeschooler. According to several states, like Alabama, a church school must meet certain criteria in order for the parent to enroll their children and allow their children to be homeschooled. These guidelines have little if anything to do with the curriculum. In fact, the guidelines generally cover how the school must be defined, rather than what the school should teach or offer.

Using the Theology Degree

For some parents, finding a church school in the area that fits their needs can become increasingly difficult. For this reason, parents are finding new and inventive ways to legally homeschool their children without stepping outside the guidelines of the state. A theology degree, in the majority of the country, means a graduate of the program could start their own church. This is where the answers for homeschoolers begin. Upon graduation, students can register and establish their own church. After the church is established, the graduate can now expand and offer a church school. The church school is open to students and homeschoolers with the same belief system. The homeschooling family, as well as other families, can now register with the church school and offer homeschooling through the school for their children.

Education versus Theology Degree

The immediate question with this choice is why choose Theology when a teachers certification through an Education degree is available? The answer is simple. An education degree can take up to 5 years to obtain depending on the program, school and the schedule of the parent or parents. The education degree also costs exceedingly more than a theology degree. A theology degree is easily obtained within a matter of 2 years or less, costs less and is recognized by states on the same level as any other degree program.

If the end result is the ability to offer a homeschool option, homeschool your children and meet the state guidelines the Theology degree makes more sense. The degree allows parents to meet the standards they want to set for their children, the religious education they want to offer their children and the ability to keep their children in a homeschool rather than public or private school environment.