11 People You Meet in College

During the four years spent getting a degree, certain types of people make themselves known, for better or for worse. Here they are.

1. Academic Ace: Like Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls or The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper, the AA puts studies at the top of their list. They're the editor of the school paper, captain of the debate team, student body president, and always found at the library.

2. Hipster: Seemingly too cool for school, the hipster shuffles into lecture with a fair trade coffee, shaggy hair, and untucked shirt. They usually spend class with one earbud in, playing music from alt-rock bands that nobody's heard of--yet.

3. Geek: Look to the first row of any classroom, and the geek is usually sitting there. Their social skills aren't quite polished, but they're smart, friendly, and mean well.

4. Fraternity/Sorority: College, for them, is a four-year party, with occasional classes thrown in for "balance." But though they may seem shallow, fraternity and sorority students also share tight bonds that last for life.

5. Activist: Wherever there's a cause to be fought, this student is sure to be there. Rights are important to the activist, so they've long perfected emotional rhetoric and the right volume of voice.

6. Participator: Closely tied with the geek, the participator might not necessarily sit at the front of every class, but they have an answer for everything.

7. Athlete: Football, hockey, basketball or track--this athlete chose the school based on its sports program, not its academic record.

8. Mature: Most students start off around 17 or 18 years of age, but sometimes life happens and college is put off for a few years. The mature student is serious and immediately gets down to business, as they know exactly what they want and what they have to do to get it.

9. Freshman: Bright-eyed with a slightly nervous, skittish look to them, the freshman is excited to start college...but also a little anxious about leaving behind the safe confines of high school.

10. Career Academic: There's no better career than being a full-time student, never mind the fact that as long as the CA is in school, they don't have to start paying back their loans. They may have declared a major, but it gets changed regularly and a degree takes a lot longer to achieve.

11. Party Animal: There's always fun to be had, and it's not usually found in the classroom. The PA shows up late to class--if at all--wearing their band's favorite shirt, bleary-eyed, and raving about the "mad fun" they had this past weekend.