3 Reasons Why Getting Your Degree Online Is Faster than Starting at a Community College

Getting a degree is important no matter which avenue you choose: in-person or online, and two- or four-year. But there are distinct advantages to getting an online degree that you just can't find when you go on campus, and especially when compared to getting a degree from a community college. We'll take a look at some of the best reasons you have for sticking with things online instead of using the traditionally thought of "entry point" of a two-year degree from a community college.

You Get to Jump in Right Away

One of the biggest drawing points students have consistently named about community college is that it gives them a good transition towards a four-year degree if they want. Whether they're just out of high school or returning to school after working some years, a community college won't smack them in the face with a hard academic reality.

But if the student's desire is to become vigorously skilled for a career, like nursing, law or engineering, a community college won't cut. In fact, going to one will only add on more time to becoming educated, and take away time that the student could be spending getting qualified. When you have to add two years to a degree that's already going to take a small investment, it doesn't make much sense to go the community college route first.

You Don't Have to Give up Your Job or Family Life

You've mostly likely started looking at online degrees because of the freedom and flexibility they afford, and probably because you already have a life set in place you're not keen to disrupt. Maybe you have a family and you'd like to earn a degree to better support them, or perhaps you already have a decent job but realize a bit more education is needed to keep taking you up.

Whatever your reason is, an online degree is your best bet of getting there. You can continue to focus on your job or family and fit your education around them, and not the other way around. Bosses need tasks done right away, and kids have needs that operate the same way. Your paper, on the other hand, doesn't have to be done right this second and can wait an hour or two. By being able to fit the pieces of the puzzle in a way that works for you, you can cut out on the stress associated with having to be at a community college for classes and make everything run more smoothly.

You Don't Have to Save up Nearly as Long

College is expensive, even community college. It costs thousands of dollars each semester, plus the cost of books, parking, materials and other ancillary fees. There are student loans and financial aid, of course, but it's financially smarter to avoid that because of the high interests rates.

Unfortunately, that also means you'd better have some money already padding your wallet, or be prepared to scrimp and put some aside. But an online degree? That's a much more affordable option, and one that lets you get started without having to worry about finances nearly as much. And if you can get started sooner, you can be finished sooner, end of story. There are some people who enjoy being lifelong students, but the majority of us would rather see graduation day come so we can get on with the rest of our lives. As much as getting a degree is the smart thing to do, we still need to pay our bills at the end of the day.