4 Things Online Students Are Tired of Hearing

Whether you're a student, employee or retiree, society seems to always have something negative to say about what you do. However, one demographic sticks out in getting the flak the most: online students. Because online education is a new frontier and it's not as well known as traditional education, many comments come from a lack of knowledge. Today, we take a look at what the most annoying things online students have to face on a regular basis, and how they can respond.

"Your Degree Must Be So Easy"

This is probably the most common and top-rated thing online students are tired of hearing, as they seem to get it all the time. To those who've never ventured into online education, it seems as though getting a degree that way is a breeze: turn on your computer, chat to classmates, do a quiz at your own leisure, and then graduate with a degree in hand. But if you ask any online student, they'll tell you just how far from the truth it actually is. Online education is tough, requires a lot of motivation and self-discipline, and can be easy to get waylaid from.

How to respond: "It has its easy parts and its hard parts and requires effort to be successful at, just like anything in life."

"Will Employers Recognize Your Degree?"

Although this one has some validity, it doesn't mean online students are any more welcoming of hearing it. One of the concerns surrounding online education is the professor's inability to monitor the student during quizzes and exams, which makes the possibility of having the student get someone else to do their work very real. Because of this concern, non-online studiers think that an online degree will be useless in getting a job, as the student won't be able to prove they did the work and have the knowledge. However, a degree (specifically, the certificate you receive after graduation) doesn't have huge letters on it saying, "BACHELOR'S ONLINE DEGREE", but just the fact that you now have a degree.

How to respond: "I'm confident my degree has given me the knowledge and skills to impress any employer that interviews me."

"Aren't You Lonely at Not Talking to Your Classmates?"

It's true, you can't just turn around and ask a classmate a question with your online studies the way you would in a traditional classroom, but that doesn't mean communication is entirely excluded. What non-online students, or people in general, don't realize is the internet has opened up communication in so many more ways than simply talking to someone face-to-face. There are phone calls, texting, online chat forums, Skype, and email, with the added benefit of you being able to communicate with your classmates entirely on your schedule. If you're incredibly busy and can't respond right away, you don't have to – just answer that email when do you have a second.

How to respond: "My classmates and I have figured out ways to communicate with each other that we're all happy with."

"Why Don't You Go to Real School?"

There's a common misperception that online education isn't as real or valid as traditional education, and it's something online students are really tired of hearing. They'll tell you, in a heartbeat, just how much work it is to complete a degree online and exactly what's involved. They'll also tell you to get with the program and realize online education is the way of the future, and a fantastic way of providing educational opportunities to those who aren't geographically close to the college they really want to attend. Computers aren't the way of the future, they are the future, and the future is now. Online education is just another extension of that.

How to respond: "I'm sorry you feel that way, but my classmates, professors, employer and are all content with my getting a degree online."