Benefits of Being Part of a College Club

Depending on the size of school you go to, there can be anywhere from dozens to hundreds of clubs to join. But what are all the advantages?

1. Resume: The easiest, most obvious—and most cynical—answer is to join a club so it looks good on your resume. But be selective: becoming the co-president of the Final Fantasy V, while showing leadership, doesn't carry as much weight as sitting on the executive of the 4-H Club.

2. Networking: It's harder than ever before to make the leap into a full-time, well-paying career, and joining a club of like-minded students brings valuable resources to your fingertips.

3. Volunteer: Giving your time and yourself can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, teaching you things about life and other people you otherwise wouldn't learn.

4. Friends: Finding people you bond with and with whom you can share support, good times and tough times is easily done at a club. Everyone's there for the same reasons, starting off in the same boat, so you're all on an equal footing.

5. Awareness: Passionate about politics? Or is pure intellectual pursuit more your style? Either way, you'll have the chance to bond with others and spread the word about what it is that's so great about your club and its activities.

6. Fitting In: For many students who feel like they don't easily fit in, like visible minorities, gay students, or students with very specific niche interests, joining a club shines a spotlight on other people, bringing solidarity to the numbers.

7. Experience: When else in your life are you going to have the chance to learn how to debate according to various styles, tutor children in the community and learn Bollywood dancing—and do it in the same week? Once you graduate and start working, your time becomes your employer's, and these kinds of experiences become rarities.

8. Free Stuff: As a university student, you're most likely not swimming in disposable income. Joining a club gives you access to free food and merchandise, making your money-pinching days a little easier.

9. Involvement: If you show up and leave school each day at the same time, chances are you'll feel more like a commuter than a student. By joining a club, you'll feel more involved with the social, cultural and political atmospheres, making your university feel more personalized.

10. Grades: By making a commitment to your club, you're learning invaluable skills on time management, organization, on-time delivery and communication—transferable qualities you can use to boost your GPA and carry over into your career.