Biggest Graduating Debt Loads

Graduating with a student debt well into the double digits may be hard to stomach, but do you know which 10 colleges and universities leave their students with the biggest load?

Biggest Graduating Debt Loads

1. Wheelock College (Massachusetts) This private college in Boston, MA doesn't have many students paying tuition outright, with 82% borrowing to pay for their education and graduating with an average owed of $49,439.

2. Anna Maria College (Massachusetts) Staying on the Eastern Seaboard, this Catholic liberal arts college of about 1,500 students has 86% borrowing, with an average debt load of $49,206.

3. Southeastern University (Florida) In sunny Lakeland, three-quarters of students at this private Christian liberal arts university borrow money to the average tune of $47,127.

4. Becker College (Massachusetts) We're beginning to think there's something about the ocean air, because this college with campuses in Worcester and Leicester sees just about every single student (94.8%) borrowing, with a graduating debt of $44,596.

5. Clark Atlanta University (Georgia) Moving southwest, 93% of students attending this private school borrow, leaving with a price tag of $42,727.

6. Oral Roberts University (Oklahoma) The American Midwest is a little kinder to students here, with just over half (58%) borrowing, but still leaving owing $43,457.

7. Trinity University (Texas) The Lone Star State has the most students being able to pay their own way (46% borrow), but for those who can't, they're stuck with $42,987.

8. Quinnipiac University (Connecticut) Perhaps being so close to Sleeping Giant State Park has an effect on students, as two-thirds (67%) borrow. But the fresh air can be a little heady, especially with an average debt load of $42,730.

9. St. Anselm College (New Hampshire) Being nationally ranked seems to have a hidden meaning: more students can't afford tuition out of pocket (79% borrow), and leave their wallets $42,631 lighter.

10. Mount Ida College (Massachusetts) Bookending this list is the Bay State, with 79.7% of students needing help with paying and owing their lenders $42,362.

Stay tuned for the next article when we take a look at 10 schools where students graduate owing little more than pocket change. But until then, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from everyone at YourDegree!