Colleges Across the Country with the Lowest Debt

In the last article, we took a look at 10 schools across the United States where students were graduating with some of the highest debt loads. In this article, we're going in the opposite direction, thanks to data from US News.

1. Princeton University (New Jersey) One of the highest ranked universities in the whole country is also at the top of the list with a mere quarter (24%) of students needing to borrow money, and leaving with a debt of $5,096.

2. Alice Lloyd College (Kentucky) You may not have heard of American social reformer Alice Lloyd or be able to point to Pippa Passes—location of the college named after here—on a map, but this school of several hundred only has 43% borrow money, graduating with a debt of $5,164.

3. Berea College (Kentucky) Unique for only accepting 12% of applicants and charging students no tuition (students get the equivalent of a $25,500 scholarship each year for four years), Berea College only grants admission to low-income students, as 72% borrow money for room and board and leave owing only $7,224.

4. Keystone College (Pennsylvania) This private liberal arts college right by Lackawanna State Park in northeastern Pennsylvania may have just about every student (92%) borrowing money, but they only leave with an average of $8,675.

5. College of the Ozarks (Missouri) Charging no tuition to students because of its student work program, this Christian liberal arts college overlooking Lake Taneycomo only has a tenth (11%) of students who borrow money, leaving with an IOU of $8,915.

6. Gallaudet University (District of Columbia) There's only one university in the entire United States specifically geared toward deaf and hard of hearing students. And of the successful applicants at this officially bilingual school, just over half (58%) need to borrow money, but they only leave owing a manageable $10,347.

7. City University of New York—Brooklyn College Of the 24 institutions that comprise CUNY, only Brooklyn College boasts favorable enough numbers to slide into the top 10, with a tidy debt load of $10,500 and only 48% needing financial assistance.

8. King University (Tennessee) Sandwiched on the border of Tennessee and Virginia, Bristol is home to forward-thinking private comprehensive university. Although nearly all students (95%) need a leg up in paying for tuition, they don't graduate owing that much: $10,892.

9. University of Colorado—Colorado Springs Located over a mile above sea level, this school leaves students fairly debt-free upon graduation, owing an average of $11,098 for 62% of the student body borrowing money.

10. Louisiana State University—Alexandria Last but not least, this school in the geographic center of the state has just 61.5% of students needing financial assistance, with graduates owing an average of only $11,501.