How College Degrees are STILL a Solid Investment

There are very few people who can go from high school and just start working in a career they find fascinating and want to stay with. Most people who do not go to college and get a degree end up with a job, not a career. The truth is, a college degree is important, even if you get one and never find a position in that field, it still should be something you aspire to complete.

It Shows you Have Determination

When you take the time to go to school and get a degree, prospective employers see that you can make a commitment and stick to it. It shows that you have a sense of self and take pride in what yourself and want to better yourself. It doesn't matter if the position you are interviewing for has anything to do with your degree, just going and finishing says something about you.

The Life Experiences Cannot be Gotten Elsewhere

When you are still a teenager. While you will still be quite young when you graduate, you will have learned a lot about yourself and about other people. If you live on campus or in an apartment with friends, you will learn more about who you are and the type of person you want to be than you have since you were in grade school. You will make friends and contacts that will last your whole life, no matter where you go in the world.

A Four Year Degree is More Well Rounded

There is nothing wrong with a two year degree or going to a community college if you are looking to achieve a goal that gets you a job. If, however, you are looking to learn things outside the things you need for your chosen career, to delve into subjects that might interest you just because and to have some kind of understanding about many things in the work, you should go for a four year degree.

Required for Some Careers

Many careers require you to have a four year degree to even apply. There are jobs out there that require no more than a high school education, but consider who you will be working with and what the working conditions will be. You should also note that given the current state of unemployment in the country, people who have some type of schooling will be considered before those who do not. Employers want to get the most for their money.

Unless you have your heart set on working some job that stays pretty much the same year in and year out, a college degree of some sort is required. You may think you are tired of school and just want to get on with life. You are 18 years ole, maybe a few years older. You have four times the amount of time you have already been alive to just get on with life and be an adult. Take a few years and find out just who you are first.