How Scholarships Can Pay for Your Degree

LGBT Students

America is recognizing the need for diversity in its country, with LGBT students now having a wealth of scholarships just for them. The Human Rights Campaign has organized a list of scholarships by state, giving LGBT students in every American corner the chance to pay for their education. High school students can write an essay competing for the Queer Foundation's $1,000 scholarship, while the Gamma Mu Foundation offers scholarships to gay men at any educational level.

International Students

Tuition fees for international students can be astronomical, with the New York Times reporting that costs can easily be three times higher. Luckily, international students are also privy to fee-cutting scholarships like the following: AAUW's scholarship for women who aren't U.S. citizens; the Fulbright Foreign Student Program's scholarship availability to approximately 4,000 students all over the world; the Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship for international students who live in World Bank countries and are studying for a master's degree; and the Aga Khan Foundation's scholarship to postgraduate students, although this one is 50% scholarship, and 50% loan.

Social Media

For the tech-savvy, regularly following #scholarship or a variation on that (such as adding in your state's code to the end of it) can be a big lead on the most current scholarships available. Alternately, follow your prospective schools on Twitter to read up on their latest scholarship news, and like their pages on Facebook for the same.


It's not just Division-I football players who get college scholarships. America is one of the few countries to place a really high importance on athletics, with scholarships being doled out at hundreds of colleges and for various division levels. Even traditionally non-popular sports like water polo and bowling have scholarships for athletes who are good enough, letting them continue in the sport they love and ease their tuition burden.

Professional Organizations

Belonging to one of America's thousands professional organizations can be a very lucrative gateway to accessing scholarships. Various 4-H Clubs across the United States have dozens of scholarships for all kinds of educational programs, while the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Boy Scouts of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters each have their own guidelines and varying amounts for scholarships.