Just Released Webinar Hosted by GreenPath University

Just Released Webinar Hosted by GreenPath University
GreenPath University offers new webinars for students to take advantange.

Students often get into debt early, whether by selecting loans to pay off tuition or getting into trouble with credit cards in their first years away from home. The problem has been seen in countless university campuses, and in one university's case, administrators and professors have decided to offer help to students and others who need debt solutions. In a new webinar series, GreenPath University will address credit scores and how to fix a lower credit rating due to previous transgressions in your credit history. The webinar isn't strictly for students but this is the main audience.

GreenPath will host the webinar on January 18th, including an interactive discussion entitled "Unlocking the Secret to Your Credit Score." For many years, students have been battling credit problems and have misunderstood the terms of their loans. This is why so many loans require entrance and exit interviews to ensure that students understand the dilemmas and interest rates that they accept with a new loan. Even with some kinds of loan forgiveness and forbearance, loans can still pile up and be a major problem for students once they finish school.

GreenPath Debt Solutions is a nationwide non-profit financial counseling agency that is premiering a new way for students to learn about credit solutions with the launch of "Webinar Wednesday." Every Wednesday, GreenPath will unveil a new debt solution video that aims at providing education to the community and giving them ways to understand how their credit is affected by their decisions.

"We've had great interest in the first webinar with people signing up across the country from new York, Miochigan, Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and several other states," said Megan Bridgett, GreenPath traininer and co-lead for GreenPath's webinar Wednesday. "We are looking forward to a fun, informative session with lots of interaction between our instructors and those online."

The webinars are like courses for anyone to register for. Registration is free through GreenPath university and you can sign up by going to www.greenpath.org/university. Once you finish registering, you can click on the "Free Classes Every Week" announcement to see the latest webinar episode.

Each session will last 45 minutes and is offered through the company's education group. The webinars go over a brief lecture followed by a period for questions and answers. A different topic is featured each week. There will be several new webinars in the weeks to come, including:

  • 12 Money Mistakes You Can't to Make
  • Protect Your Identity
  • Keys to First Time Home Buying
  • What's On Your Credit Report

Since many students are just starting out their careers or getting into a living situation alone. It's a good chance to learn how to manage money while still being able to afford a good lifestyle while in college. You can check out the webinars and make some decisions towards your own debt problems while in school.