Research is key when applying for scholarships

Scholarships can help ease the burden
Scholarships can help ease the burden

Tuition for higher education is growing at a rapid pace, as many people are unable to afford school on their own dollar. As a result, a number of scholarships and grant programs are offered to those who succeed in academics, sports, extracurricular activities or require financial aid due to circumstances beyond their control.

Much like applying to schools, applying to a scholarship program takes a lot of research beforehand. An applicant should look into programs that are specifically geared toward his or her personal situation, whether it's an achievement or specifically for his or her needs, such as low-income family assistance, loss of parent or self-funded education efforts.

Many scholarships require essays, so it's important to take a significant amount of time in order to personally address each question. Depending on the number of scholarships for which one is applying and the diversity of the questions, a specific answer for each program may be required. One way to cut down on this process is to research similar scholarship programs that may take generic responses or answers that could be used multiple times.