Studies Suggest Some Make More Money With Two Year Degrees

A study by Georgetown University suggests that some grads with two year degrees can earn more directly out of school than those who have earned four year degrees. 30 percent of Americans with associates degrees can make more, but it typically applies to grads who have degrees from technical or occupational programs. College assistant profession, Darren Williis, shared the information with his students. "You can make anywhere between 12 and 22 dollars an hour with a certificate and having the associate's degree gives you a little extra validation that you have other skills in addition to just the job training skills."

"I shared the news with my students and they were pretty happy to hear that. I strongly encourage young people who aren't really sure what they want to do with their lives to be in an occupation that can't be outsourced to another place and hands on, high skill, high tech, that's the way to go." Student Michael Cudd started college right after he finished high school in 1993, but then he never finished. He went back to college in 2011 and is currently studying to become an architect. He shared that although he knows he needs to continue school in order to become an architect, there are students in his field that can still find decent jobs with an associate's degree or a certificate. "There are draftsman people in my position that probably top out around $70,000 I would say and that's if they work their way up to supervisor."

The study from Georgetown University suggests that there are around 29 million jobs available for workers without a bachelor's degree. Students are getting jobs within local manufacturing, engineering, and various support positions for firms in the area. The Director for the Center of Community Engagement and Career Education at California State University released a statement that said that CSU Bakersfield is very optimistic about the career options available for four year degree holders, however. It suggested that job postings through the career center have increased by 18 percent within the past year and that many employers now participate in campus recruiting events. There are even different clubs that have been set up to help support women who are interested in working within technical and occupational programs.

Although studies are suggesting that some people are able to make more money with two year degrees, there are still many who believe that pursuing an education with a four year degree is still the best option available. With a four year degree, it ensures that the individual can get out of the typical entry level positions that are available at most employers and work towards moving up the ladder to other positions of managerial and professional status. These are options which generally aren't available to people who have maintained a two year degree. These studies have been performed several times in the recent months and all point to the fact that students with a two year degree are able to enter the workforce and obtain hiring paying jobs than their four year counterparts.