The Effect of In-State Tuition for G.I. Bill Students

There is a new bill being proposed by several institutions to allow an individual with a G.I. Bill to receive in-state tuition regardless of the college they choose. There are several reasons that colleges are jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to this particular bill. One reason the student affected many colleges are suffering greatly due to higher tuition costs and need to build their student numbers. By opening their doors to in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students they are able to increase their student body and remain open for the students. The fact that this in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students will have cover both the financial aspects of an academic University, the educational aspects and will also affect the student body. The following are how these areas are affected by the tuition for G.I. Bill students.

Financial Effects

One of the main ways that a university is affected by in-state tuition for G.I. Bill student is finances. Though it may not seem evident at first, many academic institutions can benefit greatly financially from opening their doors to G.I. Bill students. Due to the fact that many academic institutions have higher out-of-state tuitions, lowering the tuition rate for a G.I. Bill student will bring in more students. As for students who are military connected, and they will be able to also increase financial backing from ROTC programs, government programs and various other programs that donate to universities. Though most universities have been interested in building sports programs, many academic institutions are now understanding the value of building their military programs for ROTC and for those individuals who would like to gain a degree and enlisted and officer.

Academic Effects

The academic effects for institutions offering in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students can reach into various departments. For example, a student with a G.I. bill will generally go into either civil engineering or may go into some form of military related degree program. These programs are academic departments that may be suffering currently due to the fact that money has been given to sports programs and other nonacademic related programs. If a school offers in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students, they can see these departments building and see their academic side rather than their sports side increased greatly in popularity. As these academic programs increase greatly they will be able to get more funding, more grants and he able to bring these departments back up to their original goal. These academic effects can be very far-reaching for many universities and can save a university from possible shutdown.

Student Body

For those colleges and academic institutions at the site offer in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students, they will see an increase in student body activity. As more and more colleges become popular with military personnel or individuals with G.I. bills, the student body will increase. You will see an increase in admissions, on-campus and off-campus living and social awareness. This student body increase can be vital to keeping a university alive and can lead to greater academic and financial resources.

Overall, the ability to offer in-state tuition for G.I. Bill students can lead to an interconnection of effects that will offer a college a new breath of life and a chance to save several departments and jobs with in academia.