Tips on finishing grad school debt-free

Tips on finishing grad school debt-free
Tips on finishing grad school debt-free

A graduate school education can be a great investment, but it often leaves students saddled with debt. The San Francisco Chronicle lists a few ways in which degree seekers can enter the workforce without any student debt in tow.

The first suggestion is to apply to programs with research or teaching assistantships, as these allow students to obtain their master's or doctoral degree for free in exchange for teaching a class or aiding in a scientific study.

Next, the news source says students can save by seeking out merit scholarships, which can be offered either through a given graduate school or through private entities. Another way to cut the cost of a graduate education is to enroll in a one-year program, as this provides the same degree while only charging for one year instead of two.

When selecting which graduate school to attend, students may want to consider matriculating at a public institution. Although they are not inexpensive, they tend to cost less than their private counterparts, allowing enrollees to save money.

If all else fails, students can minimize debt by working a part-time job. In particular, they may want to try finding a temporary position in their field, as this can help them make connections that will benefit them after they earn their degree.

According to the College Board, undergraduate and graduate students received $143 billion in financial aid during the 2007-2008 academic year.