Top Things to do Before Leaving University

Your graduation date is anywhere from a few months to a few years away, but how many things on this list have you already done?

1. Take Part in a Protest University life is full of causes to fight over, and this is the best time to do it.

2. Give Blood One donation can help save multiple lives. If you're squeamish about donating blood, remember that you're in university and not at a career: it's not ideal, but you can take a day off to recover.

3. Get Dressed Up in School Colors For the next football, hockey or basketball game, go all out and don your school's colors—including painting your face.

4. Play a Prank Keeping it safe and legal, your college years are perfect for pulling a prank on your friends or dorm mates. Just keep it within the letter of the law…

5. Have a Themed Party Get your friends together, pick a decade, and throw a party in honor of it. Play only music from that decade, dress up in it, and invite people!

6. Make a Movie Instead of the usual blurry movies made on iPhones, take the time to research all the different elements that go into movies (scene editing, panning/zooming, dialogue, setting, plot/story arc, special/sound effects, etc.) and shoot your own on campus.

7. Pull an All-Nighter at the Library University libraries are typically the only ones open 24 hours, so camp out there at least once.

8. Take a Polar Dip When winter's at its coldest, strip down and take a quick swim. You'll hate it at the time, but the memory of it will last a lot longer than the shivers.

9. Visit a Foreign Lecture Attend a lecture that's completely not related to your major, and try to blend in as seamlessly as possible. You might be surprised at what you learn…!

10. Create a Flash Mob Whether you amass 10 or 100 people, start a flash mob in a really public place. With camera phones as popular as they are, you'll get your 15 minutes of fame on YouTube somewhere.

11. Kiss a Stranger Even more, find a stranger of the same gender. Like #9, you never know what'll happen!.

12. Do the Full Workload For one week, attend every single class and do every bit of work recommended, just to see what it's like.

13. Use Your Student Card While you're in college, that little piece of plastic gets you serious discounts. Use it to rent a car and go on a road trip, fly somewhere cheap, or stock up on groceries or other essentials.

14. Attend Student Performances It may not be opera at The Met, but the shows at your university are put on by your peers and have had a lot of work and effort put into them.

15. Visit Every Building Although you may not have taken classes in a handful of buildings, visit them anyway—and make sure you stop in every room on every floor.