Louisiana Colleges and Universities

There is no escaping the fact that in the last couple of years, the state of Louisiana has taken a beaten in the form of disasters both from Mother Nature and man-made. But if there is one thing you can count on about Louisiana is that the state will always bounce back. There has never been a better time than right now to check out the 150 colleges all across Louisiana from the northern city of Shreveport to the southern Big Easy of New Orleans. Right between those two points on the map you'll find Baton Rouge and Lafayette playing home to amazing Louisiana colleges.

Currently there are eight state run campuses in the state. These include the impressive University of Louisiana in Lafayette, Louisiana Tech University, Nicholls State and McNees State. One of the top private schools in the country can be found right in the heart of Louisiana and that would be Tulane University.

Louisiana Degree Options

If you've ever had the great fortune of spending time down on Bourbon Street, you'll know that there is a little something for everyone there. The same can be said for the diversity of the many Louisiana college degree programs. Within the state system alone you can access 600 distinct degree options from associate's to bachelor's to master's. New Orleans doesn't skimp when it comes to good music and Louisiana state doesn't skimp when it comes to community colleges. You could earn a degree in Louisiana at anyone one of those 2 year institutes.

If you know what it means to miss New Orleans then perhaps the sting of those feelings can be assuaged by obtaining an online degree from a Louisiana college. With distance learning you can find yourself on the cutting edge of educational technology. You'll still be learning, just in a bold new way.

Louisiana Career Paths

Out of the bad can come good. Thanks to the beating that New Orleans took during Hurricane Katrina, a lot of that city is being rebuilt. This means all kinds of opportunities in architecture, welding, construction trades and construction management. Get a degree in one of those programs and New Orleans will keep you busy. Recently, the state has also seen a revival in its film production industry. That means gainful employment could be found with training in film production, cinematography, photography and post production editing. Tech training doesn't have to stop there when you can enroll in college in Louisiana to become a pharmacy tech, medical biller or healthcare administrator. Louisiana is calling.