Maine Colleges and Universities

When you think of New England, you think of Maine. And when you think of Maine you should think about the 50 colleges to choice from for your higher education pursuits. The most folks live in Portland, but that doesn't mean Bangor and Lewiston don't step up to the plate when it comes to housing campuses. Maine is proud to be home to a few of the highest ranked private institutions in the country including Bowdin College and Colby College. But don't count out the state run campuses especially the University of Maine at Fort Kent and the University of Southern Maine in Portland. Those are just three of the campuses that make up the total of nine in the University of Maine System. Over in the Maine Community College zone you'll find great schools like Kennebec Community College and Central Maine Community College.

Main Degree Options

It's not easy being world-renowned at anything. That's not the case in Main. Enrolling in college in Maine means you can find world-renowned liberal arts campuses. There you can earn bachelor's and master's degrees to your heart's content. Beyond the sprawling four year varieties of colleges, Maine also offers up a wide selection of schools for law, art or environmental degrees. You can also earn a degree in Maine at one of their many specialized schools like the Maine Maritime Academy, the Bangor Theological Seminary or the Main College of Art.

Maine is at the north eastern tip of our country. That can be a long drive for anyone. Of course you don't have to get into your car to earn a degree in Maine or rather from Maine. Distance learning is a perfect alternative to a traditional college education. When you earn an online degree know that it can be every bit as reputable as a classic diploma.

Maine Career Paths

Want to know where the largest toothpick factory in America is located? That would be Maine. But if toothpicks aren't your thing, you can used the degree you earned in Maine to work in one of the companies like LL Bean, TD Bank or Cole Haan that call Maine home. Maine has also been graduating students who are finding work in technology careers such as electricians, climate control, welding and radiography. If you prefer the courtroom environment, then you'll discover rich opportunities in the legal profession with a law degree from Maine.

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