Maryland Colleges and Universities

Maryland prides itself on being called the "Land of Pleasant Living." In between all that pleasant living there is also the opportunity to obtain a very decent education. Most of the 100 colleges in Maryland can be found in the surrounding Baltimore-Washington zone. This is the home to the popular state school the University of Maryland and the prestigious private school Johns Hopkins University. Among the other top ranked campuses in Maryland is the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Loyola College and St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Along with the state funded colleges there are actually two federally funded higher education institutes as well. These are the Uniformed Services University of the Health Services and the prestigious United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Maryland Degree Options

Enrolling in a college in Maryland means you'll be afforded the chance to add a bachelor's or master's degree to your educational history resume. If you want to be called doctor, then you can continue your education in one of the many Ph.D. programs available through the state. There are eleven campuses that are official members of the University System of Maryland. Outstanding colleges in that group include Towson University and Coppin State University.

If you were to head down the community college route, then you could do no wrong by attending Essex Community College or Dundalk Community College. Both of those campuses offer a vast array of associate degree programs. And for every 4 year college there is also the choice of certificate training available at any of the Maryland technical or vocational colleges.

Anyone who visits Maryland will have to try the crab cakes. They are enough to keep you in the state for a long time. For those students who embrace the concept of online learning you can still get your degree from a Maryland college. You just won't be having a crab cake!

Maryland Career Paths

Thanks to the fine work and research being done at John Hopkins, many students gravitate to the medical profession by enrolling in a college in Maryland. Although the healthcare industry is certainly a good career path to travel down, there are some equally beneficial opportunities to be had in the legal profession as well. If you don't want to enroll in college in Maryland for four years, you could train as a paralegal assistant or court reporter in as little as two years. And don't forget about all the opportunities to work in nearby D.C. The government is always hiring!