Massachusetts Colleges and Universities

Back at the beginning of our country, Boston was the place to be. Between the tea parties and skirmishes with the British army, Bean Town was the focal point of our revolution. Today you can still walk among those historical sites where our nation was forged. Once the revolution was over, Massachusetts turned their focus to education and they've been turning out qualified graduates ever since. Of the 200 colleges in the state, 50 can be found in the Boston area. For many, all discussions of earning a degree in Massachusetts begins and ends with Harvard University. It's the oldest college in the country. Pick any top ten college list and there's a good chance Harvard will be on that list.

However, Massachusetts isn't just about Harvard. You'll find many great education opportunities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tufts University in Medford, Brandeis, University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University and Northeaster University. Another distinction that Massachusetts can claim is that it leads the nation in women's only schools with Smith, Wellesley and Mount Holyoke Colleges. Those are three of the "Seven Sister" group.

Massachusetts Degree Options

If you consider Massachusetts as ground zero for higher education then you can bet you'll be able to get earn a degree in Massachusetts that suits your career goals. Whether you go public or private, you'll be able to earn a bachelor's or a master's or both! In the Liberal arts and Sciences realm, you could go to one of the "Seven Sisters" or one of the "Five Colleges" in Western Massachusetts. That's where you'll find Amherst and Hampshire Colleges.

Yes, a degree from MIT is going to be awesome for opening career doors. But there are many other tech and certification programs available throughout the state. Anyone would be proud to earn a degree in Massachusetts but some of us just can't make it across the country. Enter online degree programs. With distance learning you can snag a Massachusetts degree from the "campus" of your choice whether that's your living room, basement or local java joint.

Massachusetts Career Paths

If you earn a degree in Massachusetts and then want to stick around for work, you'll find plenty of job openings. Whether you're looking for work in finance, education or health care you'll find chances for advancement in Massachusetts. When you enroll in college in Massachusetts you'll be set up to take on those opportunities. Everyone knows that healthcare is a growth industry, but that doesn't mean you have to be a doctor to get into the game. In fact, for every patient there are literally dozens of support staff from dieticians to lab technicians to administrative needed to support that person's journey through the healthcare system. Those are all viable fields of study in Massachusetts.