Massage Therapy School

If you are looking for a really cool and very innovative career in natural healing - check out Massage Therapy school! For some people, they choose to go into Alternative medicine, but honestly this could take you years to get your degree. Instead, they choose massage therapy. This isn't to say its "easy" by any means, but chances are you can get a degree much quicker with massage therapy than a doctorate or Phd in Alternative Medicine (or any medicine for that matter).

Massage Therapy School Success Factors

Massage therapy colleges are starting to pop up all across the country. It's no big surprise why. With a higher population, more stress, and more technology - people are going to need a way to relax and unwind! People that get a degree in massage therapy can go one of two ways. They can either work for themselves or they can work for someone else. Both options have their benefits and disadvantages.

Massage Therapy School Majors

Some of the most typical majors regarding message therapy are anatomy and physiology, clinical practice, intro to athletic injuries, introduction to message, Kinesiology, pathology, professional practices, Shiatsu and Swedish massage - which is great for those of you that want to get a degree or a career in speciality massage therapy.

Massage Therapy School Curriculum

Some of the most basic classes that any massage therapy student takes when learning to become a massage therapist is; advanced anatomy, medical terminology, Chinese Medical Massage, sports massage, Ayurveda, movement and rehabilitation studies, sciences, craniosacral therapies, and myofascial releases.

Massage Therapy School Degrees

While there are therapy degrees and certification degrees available. It's also suggested that if you really want to get your foot in the door and be taken seriously that you get an occupational associate degree or similar degree. In most of the states in the US, the associates degree is required before you start to work and start providing services to customers and clients.

Massage Therapy Jobs

As mentioned above, you have two main pathways when it comes to massage therapy. You can either work for someone else in a hospital, doctors office, chiropractors office, old folks home, etc. Or you can work for yourself. If you work for someone else, you might not get paid as good, but you will get benefits such as 401K and health insurance. If you work for yourself, you will probably make a little bit more (depending on your desire TO get clients), but you won't be provided health insurance and other benefits. Instead, you would have to sign up and pay for these benefits yourself. Working for yourself can be extremely fun. Set your own hours, get your own clients, pocket all your profits. However, it can also be stressful and sometimes overwhelming. If you get an associate degree in massage therapy, the career path you choose is going to depend on your personality traits and how well you handle either working with/for someone or working alone.