Massage Therapy Degree

With the research that is being done throughout the world, the benefits of therapeutic massage are becoming quite well known. More and more doctors are referring their patients to massage therapists as part of their health care regimen. With more and more people seeking massage therapy, it is worth considering as a career path.

Massage Therapy Degree Success Factors

In order to succeed in massage therapy degree you will need to enjoy being around people and helping them heal. Massage therapy will require you to balance the art of healing along with science.

Massage Therapy Degree Majors

As a massage therapy student you will be required to learn the basic anatomy and physiology of muscles and muscle structure. You will need to know how to manipulate the muscles to aid in healing. Hands on learning will be a large part of learning the art of massage.

Massage Therapy Degree Curriculum

When studying the art of massage therapy, one course you can expect to take is anatomy. You will need to know every one of the body's hundreds of muscles, the way they move, and the impact of them on other body parts. Physiology will teach you how to treat ailments and problems by using a holistic approach. Kinesiology is the study of movement; you will learn how to move different muscles in order to treat them. A course in pathology will help for you as a therapist to know when a patient needs to seek other sources of help. Courses on the history of massage, and techniques will also be included in your course. A nutrition course will teach you about what kinds of foods to recommend to your clients to help aid their treatment plan. A business course will teach you the basics of opening up for clients as soon as you become licensed. During your courses you may be required to attend clinics where you will have the opportunity to work on clients.

Massage Therapy Degrees

When studying massage therapy you will receive a certificate of your training. You will have to test and become licensed in whichever state you will be working in.

Massage Therapy Jobs

When you become a licensed massage therapist you will have a number of different choices of how you want to use your skills. One choice is to open up your own business. Another choice is to work for a spa, or similar company. More and more hospitals and rehab clinics are hiring massage therapists to work for them.