Massage Therapy School

Despite all the advancements in technology, health care, and entertainment, it remains that one of the most soothing and enjoyable experiences we have is getting an age-old massage. Massage therapists brings a great deal of relief and pleasure to our highly stressed culture. And as a result, message therapy has become big business. Today, numerous massage therapy schools are available to train you for a career in massage therapy. Massage therapy schools will train you in all aspects of message therapy, from mind to body to spirit. So if you're considering a career in massage therapy, now is a good time to learn about some of the top massage therapy schools.

Massage Therapy School Success Factors

Successful massage therapists are typically calm and centered. They enjoy working with their hands and have an affinity for the human body. They value natural healing over modern medicine and are always eager to learn alternatives methods of caring for the human body. They are good communicators and listen well to the needs of others.

Massage Therapy School Specializations

Massage therapy schools allow you to specialize in a unique branch of massage therapy. Each specialization carries different techniques and is often used for different circumstances. Typical massage therapy school specializations include reflexology, Reiki healing, and Shiatsu, among many others.

Massage Therapy School Curriculum

A massage therapy school curriculum is designed to help you understand all aspects of human health, from body to mind to spirit. A typical massage therapy school curriculum includes anatomy, physiology, biology, and spirituality. You will typically learn massage strokes, diet, nutrition, stress reduction, breathing, and physical therapy, and often Eastern philosophy and Chinese medicine.

Massage Therapy School Degrees

Most states require certification and licensing in order to practice as a massage therapist. Vocational programs offer two-year degrees to educate in principles of massage therapy and to prepare you to pass your state exam.

Massage Therapy Jobs

As public health is declining rapidly because of poor diet, poor exercising, and heightened stress, the need for massage therapists has grown exponentially. Massage therapy positions are estimated to grow nearly twice as fast as the national average for all other occupations. Nearly two-thirds of all massage therapists are self-employed, so it helps to have an understanding of business and entrepreneurship to be a successful massage therapist. There are also many organizations who hire staff massage therapists, such as retirement homes, hospitality businesses, fitness centers, and health care facilities.