Master's Degrees in Hospitality

The grind of everyday life becomes much more bearable for people when they're able to get away every once in a while and enjoy themselves. Whether they're vacationing in a distant location or enjoying a nearby hotel or restaurant, the hospitality industry plays a big role in improving the quality of people's lives. Since hospitality is such a large industry, you'll always find ample opportunity if you choose to pursue a career in hospitality. So if you want to work in hospitality, a master's degree in hospitality teaches you all aspects of travel, tourism, and hospitality and can qualify you for everything from chambermaid to management, depending on your area of specialization. A master's degree in hospitality is a two to three-year graduate degree that qualifies you for an advanced position in hospitality or can be used as a steppingstone to a doctorate degree in a related field.

Master's Degree in Hospitality Success Factors

Earning a master's degree in hospitality requires that you are very patient and sympathetic, can easily adapt to changing personalities, are good at managing numerous tasks, display excellent interpersonal skills, communicate well, really enjoy dealing with people, can handle a great deal of responsibility, work well alone and can collaborate well with others.

Master's Degree in Hospitality Specializations

When you earn a master's degree in hospitality, you can specialize in any number of areas, including club management, food and beverage management, lodging management, and tourism, casino management, convention and event management. Your choice of specializations should match your career aspirations.

Master's Degree in Hospitality Curriculum

In addition to advanced coursework in the field of hospitality, you may be required to complete a master's thesis and/or a comprehensive examination, also known as comps. A master's thesis in hospitality is an extensive research paper on a significant topic in the field of hospitality, while comps involve extensive testing of all the subjects pertinent to the field of hospitality. The courses you take while earning a master's degree in hospitality include destination services management, travel and tourism, recreation related industries, fundamentals of purchasing, hospitality management, convention and meeting planning, food and beverage, business, technical applications, leadership, and case analysis.

Hospitality Jobs

A master's degree in hospitality is an advanced educational credential that will qualify you for most careers in the field of hospitality. A master's degree in hospitality management trains you for work with airlines, resorts, and travel agencies. Typical hospitality careers include hotel manager, event planner, travel agent, concierge, tour guide, and many more. Salaries for hospitality jobs vary greatly depending upon education, experience and field.