Master's Degrees in Vocational Studies

Master's degree programs at the vocational level will relate to a very specific career, such as CAD drafting or electrical engineering. Students will be expected to already have experience and knowledge in this field to study at the graduate level. With such advanced topics, students rarely use the term vocational to describe the master's degree program, which will usually go by the major, such as business management or information technology. Vocational training requires a particular set of techniques, which is why it is often called a technical degree. Automobile mechanics, welding, computer science and various topics in technology can all be considered when looking into a vocational degree.

Master's Degree in Vocational Studies

The master's degree program in a vocational study will focus on the most cutting edge and advanced topics, as well as how to apply your skills to the international market. These programs are typically longer and require the most dedication and study. However, once graduated, you have more than enough qualifications for various jobs in your field. Students pursue master's degrees in fields that range from information technology to electrical engineering. Criminal justice and health sciences are another facet of vocational studies that interest students and lead to specific careers right out of college.

Specializations in Vocational

You can also specialize within your vocational program. For example, if you want to study a vocational degree in information technology, you take courses towards a degree in network systems administration, mobile communications, software development or software applications. These range considerably and are specific to the field that you choose. You could also study criminal justice, focusing in paralegal studies or forensic technology.

Other Degrees in Vocational Studies

Healthcare is a major focus for vocational students. Whether you want to become a medical assistant or simply want to apply your bachelor's degree in biology, you can earn a master's degree in studies that specifically relate to nursing, medical administration, technology and management. Other students pursue a health information technology degree, which focuses on the cutting edge equipment and communications systems for use in hospitals and clinics.

Vocational Jobs

Vocational students want to pursue specific jobs, which means that the job market is limited to their qualifications. However, that also means that they have attained a specific set of skills tailored for one job. Whether you want to become a world class chef or a business manager, technical degrees span the job market and several industries. The right vocational degree will depend on your interests, but you will certainly be able to train specifically for a job right out of college, usually within two years of entering school.