Medical Assistant School

As healthcare careers keep growing by leaps and bounds, and as new clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals are built, medical assistant careers have become a popular way to meet the ever-expanding demand for care. People in this field help doctors, nurses, physician's assistants and nurse practitioners in different health care and medical settings.

Medical Assistant School Success Factors

Caring for other people is your overall purpose. You will also be expected to perform administrative duties that include processing billing and insurance claims. Your medical duties will include taking vital signs from patients, talking to patients to collect personal and medical data, running lab tests, preparing patients for X-rays, monitoring health care services in offices and hospitals, and making sure that patients have the information they need to make decisions about their care.

Medical Assistant School Majors

Majors in this program are grouped by duties, namely, whether the student has decided to study a concentration on the administrative side, the medical side, or both. Medical assisting and medical office management are the most common majors in these programs. All of these majors, courses, and degrees are offered online. This is often the only way that students can make time for a degree while they are working, and many schools have developed majors that can be finished through distance learning.

Medical Assistant School Curriculum

The curriculum for assistants is a challenging one. Not only do you have to learn the workings of a medical office and know health insurance information, you must learn about anatomy and the physiology of the human body. Courses include infection control, accounting, medical office professionalism, lab testing and safety, customer service, patient medications, medical records systems, and medical terminology and billing.

Medical Assistant School Degrees

Although many students complete their coursework with Associate Degrees of Applied Science at community colleges and trade schools, some choose to earn a bachelor's degree. A certified medical assistant (CMA) certification is also recommended for those in this field in order to be eligible for higher-paying jobs.

Medical Assistant Jobs

This field is one of the fastest growing in the next decade, with over one hundred thousand job added. Assistants often choose to work in public and private hospitals, doctor's offices, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and urgent care offices. Besides general medical assistants, there are ophthalmic, optometric, chiropractic and podiatric assistants who help those in need of care.