Medical Office Administration Program

Medical office administrators are a critical component to any successful healthcare facility. They perform administrative duties in a medical office or clinic, reporting directly to an office manager, physician, or other health practitioner. A medical office administration programs are available to teach you the major aspects of medical office administration so that you can pursue a successful career as a medical office administrator.

Medical Office Administration Program Success Factors

Successful professionals in medical office administration typically have solid clerical skills, pay close attention to detail, are meticulous, take orders faithfully, are comfortable performing in a subordinate role, communicate well, and are reliable team members.

Medical Office Administration Program Skills

Medical office administration programs teach you how to communicate with patients and other providers, how to bill insurance companies, and how to code physician diagnostic comments and orders.

Medical Office Administration Program Curriculum

Typical medical office administration program courses include medical terminology, medical law and ethics, medical laboratory procedures, medical records systems, accounting, business, office automation, customer service, public policy, legal and ethical applications of health services, health systems, statistics, and accounting.

Medical Office Administration Program Degrees

An associate's degree from a medical office administration program is typically required for an entry-level position as a medical office administrator. A bachelor's or master's degree in health administration are required for director of staff positions.

Medical Office Administration Jobs

The US. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the field of health administration will grow faster than average for years to come. Medical office administration program graduates can expect to find employment in health practitioners' offices, hospitals, clinics and care centers.