Mississippi Colleges and Universities

Much has been written and sung about the river that carries the name Mississippi. As for the state, there is plenty that can be written, and even sung, about its 50 outstanding colleges and tech schools. Over in the capital of Jackson, you'll find that city playing host to most of those campuses. For students who want to get a bit closer to the waters, then the towns of Gulfport or Hattiesburg is the way to go. On the list of high ranking southeastern colleges, you'll find three entries from Mississippi: Mississippi College, Mississippi State University and the University of Mississippi. That last college is often referred to as "ole Miss."

Along with those traditional campuses, your research into enrolling in college in Mississippi will also reveal prominent private colleges like Tougaloo College and Rust College. In the community college category Northwest Mississippi Community College, Jones County Junior College and Itawamba Community College are among the most popular in the state.

Mississippi Degree Options

Most of students heading off to higher education will pick their program first and where to live second. With places like Mississippi State Un and Millsaps College you can get both: a solid 4 year degree program and comfortable living quarters. Before heading off to the big show of a university you could stretch your academic muscles by earning a degree in Mississippi like an associate in arts degree at one of the community colleges. On the other hand if you're eager to jump in to the workforce then sign up for a certificate program offered by the many tech schools found around Mississippi.

If you want to pursue a higher education degree, but aren't just ready to give up on mom's home cooking then there is an option for you: Online learning. You can take plenty of courses online that will help you rack up credits to transfer or provide you with the degree you want to get a better job. Best of all, you can accomplish that right from the comfort of your own home. Distance learning is an option many students are taking these days.

Mississippi Career Paths

After graduating with a diploma, many students are faced with the question, "Now what?" If you're in Mississippi with that sheep skin you can find a lot of employment opportunities right there in Jackson. It's a city poised for growth and will need smart grads who have earned their degrees in general business, administrative services and management. There is also a booming reconstruction and renovation industry in the state. Those employers will be on the lookout for grads with degrees in environmental engineering, environmental technology or environmental health engineering. All of those programs can be taken at Jackson State or Mississippi Gulf Coast Community.