Missouri Colleges and Universities

Missouri is best known for the St. Louis Gateway Arch and the spectacular view from the top, but the people who live there know that there are many other features that make this state the best of the Midwest, including a lot of natural resources and the industries that are connected to supporting them. It is also a transportation hub that has great schools.

Missouri students who are concerned over the state of the economy, but want to continue their education in order to further their careers or increase their pay, are turning to community colleges. These colleges offer many of the same amenities as their four-year counterparts, but at a reduced cost and with a local option, which is especially important to those who are saving on housing and transportation.

These colleges offer workforce and adult education programs as well as associate's degrees for those who want to continue on with their bachelor's degree. With so many students who are looking to use this option, these colleges have turned to online education as a way to take advantage of such dramatic growth.

Course offerings include associate's degrees in Accounting and Business and certificates in Business Technology. Hybrid programs for those who prefer the interaction of the classroom and the convenience of online classes are also available.

For those who would like to get their bachelor's or master's degrees, or begin post-graduate work, Missouri universities offer thousands of high-quality classes and great student life activities. There are degrees in fields that offer long-term job security, like healthcare and nursing. There are options for those who prefer a creative field, like media management.

For those who like the world of technology, there is a degree for Technology in Schools. What happens, though, when you would like to earn a certain degree, but you do not live anywhere near that college? Well, you can take online courses for entire degrees. If you are already working, an online program benefits you by allowing you to take the time that is needed to learn and study.

Everything is done online—your syllabus, your lectures, your tests. Often you will be responding to class discussions several times a week, making it a truly interactive experience. Internships and externships are also available for those completing their work through distance learning.

If you want to try an online-only school, there are many options to comb through. Once you have determined what degree or certification you would like to earn, you can begin researching a program that is good for you and that you will profit from.

Westwood College, in particular, promotes a curriculum that is career-based for professionals who are taking classes to advance their careers. It has over 20,000 graduates who have earned degrees in design, justice and business and other specialized areas.

These students are able to concentrate on classes that they know will help them succeed at work, and some of these courses are even offered on a compressed schedule to help those on a tight timeline. Missouri has a lot to offer to students. Take the time to explore all of your educational options, especially those online. The benefits are many and there are no drawbacks.