Network Security and Management Degree

With the growing number of technological developments in today's society, there is an increasing need for people who are skilled in network security and management.

Network Security and Management Degree Success Factors

Understanding the basic design of computers and the systems that the computer runs on will be the basis of your success in this field. In order to become successful you must fully understand how the computer system works. You will have to study all of the major components of hardware and software. In order to succeed in earning this degree you must be dedicated to keeping up on the trends of technology.

Network Security and Management Degree Majors

The primary courses of your degree will be on computer training and building databases. A computer science major will be a big part of your degree. Studying network security and management will require science, technology, and math skills.

Network Security and Management Degree Curriculum

While you are training in network security and management, you will be studying the inner workings of computers. Some of your classes will include: Network analysis and troubleshooting, IP analysis and troubleshooting, Advanced Internet Protocol Concepts, Internet Protocol Fundamentals and Application Performance Analysis.

Network Security and Management Degrees

A computer network degree will focus on implementing the right hardware and software programs for a specific network. Telecommunications is a big part of this degree. You will be required to plan, execute, and build databases using internet applications to configure the project. Your degree will be focused on how to troubleshoot, and what procedures to use. You will also learn to understand the basics of network practices that are used throughout the industry.

Network Security and Management Jobs

There are many job options for a person with a degree in network security and management. Some of these jobs include Networking Specialists, Computer Software Engineers, Project Manager, Network Management Supervisor, Telecommunications Agent, Network Administrator, Network Systems Analysts, Computer Scientist, and Computer Networking Support Specialist.