Network Security and Management School

In today's world, computers are at the heart of just about everything we do. And when something goes wrong with a central computer system, it can mean disaster for companies and their customers. One of the greatest threats to computer networking today is breach of security. 75% of companies have experienced a serious breach of their network security. These breaches can come in the form of hackers, competitors, or even disgruntled employees within the company. As a result of the rising threat to network security, network security and management professionals have become some of the more coveted personnel in business today. At the same time, network security and management schools have proliferated to prepare students for a career in network security and management. Network security and management school trains you to identify threats of all types and create the most effective strategy to stop them. So if you're considering a career in network security and management, now is the time to find the right network security and management school.

Network Security and Management School Success Factors

Successful network security and management professionals are typically proficient in math and science. They are commonly detail-oriented and enjoy problem solving. They usually have strong written and verbal communications skills as well as perseverance and patience.

Network Security and Management School Duties

Network security and management school teaches you to perform your duties as a network security and management professional, which includes planning, building, and administrating. Network security and management duties include communicating the applications and business processes to business managers, sales division heads, company management, and informational technology personnel.

Network Security and Management School Curriculum

A typical network security and management curriculum teaches you the intricacies of local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs), telephone systems, and remote equipment. You will be educated on encryption technologies, web-screening techniques, cross-platform authentication, firewalls and other security measures, and how to monitor a network to ensure its availability to system users.

Network Security and Management School Degrees

A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or Engineering is usually required for network security and management professionals who build firewalls, install virtual private networks, and protect a network against intrusion. Licensing is not required for network security jobs, but certification almost certainly may be. Certifications are granted by professional associations and include the Global Information Assurance Certification. Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Systems Security Certified Practitioner, Certified Information Systems Auditor, and Certified Information Security Manager.

Network Security and Management Jobs

Network security and management has become one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States, so there will be ample opportunity for you to work in this field for years to come. Network and security managers are hired by companies in all industries, particularly large corporations, government agencies, public schools, and small businesses.