North Dakota Colleges and Universities

Have you had thoughts about enrolling in a college or university in North Dakota? You might be surprised, yet North Dakota offers over 25 colleges and universities to choose from. The prestigious University of North Dakota in Grand Forks and North Dakota State University in Fargo are the largest universities in North Dakota. Major public North Dakota colleges include Bismarck State College, Dickinson State University and Valley City State University. Private North Dakota schools include University of Mary and Jamestown College. North Dakota is also home to five tribal community colleges.

North Dakota Degree Options

Whether you're looking for entry-level or advanced degrees, North Dakota colleges and North Dakota universities offer degrees at every level of education. You can earn an associate's degree in North Dakota for introductory career training or as a steppingstone to an advanced degree. North Dakota bachelor's degrees are standard for entry-level jobs. North Dakota master's degrees are advanced degrees that qualify you for professional careers and higher salaries. North Dakota doctorate degrees are the highest degrees earned and give you expert status.

Looking for some flexibility in your education options? You can choose between traditional North Dakota colleges and universities or online North Dakota colleges and universities. One major benefit of attending an online college in North Dakota is that you don't have to give up your day job while earning your degree. You can enjoy all the conveniences of learning online in the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule.

North Dakota Career Paths

Graduates of North Dakota colleges and universities find many career paths in the State of North Dakota. The most popular career paths in North Dakota include occupational therapist assistants, accountants and auditors, registered nurses, and network systems and data communications analysts.

So if you'd like to attend a North Dakota college or North Dakota university either online or in person, take a few moments today and find the best North Dakota school for you.