Office Administration School

Some people say that an Office Administration is the core building block to any office. The reasoning behind this is that the Office Administration is the person that makes the office run more smoothly. This person or group of people will take care of job duties such as scheduling appointments, answering the phones, answering voice mails, typing out content for the person(s) in charge, taking dictation, etc. This person will need to be experienced in popular computer software such as Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, etc. A person that understands and can use these pieces of computer software are going to have an edge over anyone else that cannot since this is going to be a big part of any office. Our world, as we know it, is becoming a paperless world. Computer knowledge is a must!

Office Administration School Success Factors

The person that the following success factors in an office and in their career will find that they succeed and excel in an Office Administration position; the ability, knowledge and enjoyment of working in an office atmosphere, a person that has good communication skills - this includes verbal, written and technological skills, a person that is very organized, pays attention to details, and is committed, no matter what is going on, to excel in the work that they do. This person will also be responsible and know what steps to take in order to achieve the daily work in the office - someone that is self-directed and does not need to be told what to do every few minutes.

Office Administration School Majors

Depending on the type of specialized degree you want to get for Office Administration, there will be a wide variety of majors which include Business Administration, Accounting Specialist, Administrative Assistant, Management, Applied Management, Executive Assistant, Legal Assistant or professional studies just to name a few.

Office Administration School Curriculum

Again, depending on the type of Office Administration you plan to go for, there will be a variety of curriculum courses to take. A few of the most basics include; Medical Office Management Technical Certificate, Office Management Technical Certificate, Office Software Applications Specialization AAS degree, Office Specialist Technical Certificate and Office Support Technical Certificate.

Office Administration School Degrees

The types of degrees available for Office Administration include degrees such as Associates - Business Administration, Associate: Accounting Specialist, Associate: Administrative Office Mgmt, Bachelor: Business Administration, Certificate: Administrative Assistant.

Office Administration Jobs

Once you get a degree in Office Administration you have a lot of jobs and career paths available to you. Ultimately, any facility, building, corporation or business that has an "office" has a job for an Office Administration. These jobs include; Entry-Level Administrative Associate, Office Assistant/Front Desk, Business Analyst CNB3 - Project Administration, Integration and Administration Specialist and Executive Administration. The median salary for a career in Office Administration is around $29,100 on up to $41,260 depending on the industry your position is.