Office Administration Degree

Office administration involves the coordination of personnel, financial planning, billing, record keeping, logistics, supervising staff, controlling and settling office disputes and other problems, and anything else that is required for the building and its employees to function properly. An office administration degree teaches you the essentials of the profession so that you can pursue a career in office administration.

Office Administration Degree Success Factors

The most important feature of an office administration student is that they like working with people and are a strong leader. As they will be supervising possibly a large number of people, these leadership skills can mean the difference between an efficient, controlled, low-stress workplace and an unorganized, chaotic one. Students pursuing an office administration degree must also be very well organized, be able to meet deadlines, work under pressure, and handle stress well.

Office Administration Degree Majors

There are a few majors that office administration students can choose from. Certificates or majors in office administration can be chosen. A more common major for this type of work is a major in business administration and management. Certainly any majors in the field of business or management could be useful for someone who is interested in office administration.

Office Administration Degree Curriculum

Business and management courses are the main foundation to earning a degree in office administration. Typical courses include college math, psychology, economics, business, computer applications, public speaking, accounting, business ethics, business strategy, statistics, finance, human resources, international management, marketing, and other related courses.

Office Administration Degrees

Two-year degrees such as an Associate of Arts in Business could be sufficient for many entry-level office administration positions. Certificates in office administration can also be earned. However, if the student has higher goals in mind, they can earn degrees such as Bachelor in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Bachelor in Administrative Office Management, Bachelor in Marketing, Master of Marketing, and any other business degrees.

Office Administration Jobs

With any of the degrees above, graduates with degrees in business can earn entry-level office administration positions. They will likely supervise employees at various firms and businesses, typically limited to one building. However, if they gain enough experience at this office administration position, higher positions could be earned.