Ohio Colleges and Universities

Are you thinking about attending a college or university in Ohio? Ohio provides over 350 colleges and universities to choose from. The greatest number of colleges and universities in Ohio are located in Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus. The Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the US and is one of Ohio's highest ranked public schools. Other major Ohio universities include The University of Cincinnati, Kent State University, Miami University and Youngstown State University. Prestigious Ohio private colleges include Case Western Reserve University, Xavier University and The University of Dayton. You can also find a number of 2-year Ohio colleges, including Ohio technical schools and Ohio career colleges.

Ohio Degree Options

Whether you're just starting out or looking to get an advanced degree, Ohio colleges and Ohio universities offer degrees at every level of education. You can earn an associate's degree in Ohio to train for a career or advance to a higher degree. Ohio bachelor's degrees typically qualify you for entry-level jobs. Ohio master's degrees are advanced degrees that usually reward you with a higher salary. Ohio doctorate degrees are the highest degrees earned and mean that you've become an expert in your field.

Do you prefer a traditional university environment or do you need the flexibility of studying from home? You can choose between traditional Ohio colleges and universities or online Ohio colleges and universities. The main benefit of attending an online college in Ohio is that you can continue working while earning your degree at a time and place that are convenient for you. You can also save a great deal on commuting and room & board costs and easily communicate with professors and other students online.

Ohio Career Paths

Graduates of Ohio colleges and universities find many career paths in the State of Ohio. The most popular career paths in Ohio include health care, information technology, law, engineering, paralegal and legal assistance, electrical and electronic engineering, as well as child, family, and school social work.

So if you'd like to enroll in an Ohio college or Ohio university either online or in person, take a moment now and find the best Ohio school for you.