Optical School

It is no big surprise that optical school is becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is simply because of the technology that allows an optician to do his or her job better. It used to be that without the technology, the optician would tend to miss things. A degree in Optical is going to teach the student about the various careers when working with laser technologies. Its preferred that when you get a job in the Optical industry that you have not only a degree in hand, but hands-on (internship/externship) experience as well.

Optical School Success Factors

When looking for a career in optical, it's important to note that you must have certain skill sets in order to be the best at your job. The individual for this type of job should be able to relate to a variety of people and situations and also be able to get people to trust you through gaining confidence from you. This person should also be able to either work separately on their own or work with a team. They should also have excellent problem solving skills and make good decisions in a timely-manner. The type of person that would excel in this job is a person that is a good listener, has good communication skills, and more importantly a person that has excellent writing skills. It's also important that you have a certain knowledge about computers.

Optical School Majors

A program in Optical majors is going to lead you into a career as a Master Of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy - with a major in Optical Sciences.

Optical School Curriculum

There is no core curriculum for a Master Of Science. However, the student will be asked to complete one of two elections: The Thesis Option which requires the student to write about, study and give an oral examination on optics or an optics related course / A Non-Thesis option in which the student would need to take 2 units of optics lab courses, 3 units of Master's Report, and of course a Final Oral Exam on the subjects of the course taken.

Optical School Degrees

The degrees in Optics are as follows: Technical Certificate in Laser Electro-Optics Technology, an Associate of Applied Science in Laser Electro-Optics Technology or a Bachelor of Applied Technology in Laser Optics.

Optical Jobs

Optical jobs range from a variety of careers which include; Independent Optometrist, Independent Doctor of Optometry, Licensed Optician Optical Manager, Principal Optical Transmission Engineer, Optical Instrument Engineer, Optical Communications SETA Engineer (TS/SCI) and Federal Sales / Bus Dev Mgr. Salaries will range per position, however, Opticians can expect to earn anywhere from $32,457 to $49,665.