Organizational Management School

Organizational management is an old field with a fairly new name. It is an especially important discipline now because many companies have employees in different buildings, states, and even countries. Being able to organize and manage employees and the projects that they are contributing to is paramount to running a good business and supervising a group of people. Without the benefit of face-to-face meetings, organizational managers must still be able to effectively work with people who communicate mostly by phone and via videoconferencing and email.

Organizational Management School Success Factors

Being an organizational manager means you will be leading teams of people—sometimes scattered throughout the world—through different projects, programs, and initiatives. You must be able to understand an organization's culture and management style in order to properly lead your teams, and you must understand a company's goals, expectations, and problems. You also have to realize when to delegate roles and how to motivate employees–in short, you must know how to lead.

Organizational Management School Majors

The majors in this field are varied, but invariably concentrate on developing the traits that organizational managers should have. Most majors are in organizational management, behavior, leadership and development. Universities offer specializations depending upon a student's background and future career goals. Supply chain and distribution, information technology, and operational management are good choices for students who are looking for a degree that is tailored to their current positions.

Organizational Management School Curriculum

The curriculum for this program varies from school to school and from major to major. However, most degrees carry credit requirements in classes like individual, interpersonal and group behavior in organizations, strategies for large scale change, designing effective organizations, data analysis, project management, ethics, and time management. Online courses now make up a large part of the education options in this field. Through distance learning, you can pick the time that is most convenient for you to finish your coursework.

Organizational Management School Degrees

The degrees available range from Bachelor of Arts programs to Masters of Science programs to MBAs and Ph.Ds. Certificates are also available for those who already have a four-year degree, but would like to broaden their opportunities by earning another, more specialized degree.

Organizational Management Jobs

Jobs in this field include executive directors of for-profit and non-profit organizations, office managers, team leaders, operations managers, information specialists, department managers, and knowledge management specialists.