Photography School

The field of photography has changed so much that, as a matter of fact, most photographers don't even use traditional photographic technology. Digital image capturing has replaced traditional photography in most industries, yet the art and craft of photography is largely the same. Traditional and digital photographers capture images for news, entertainment, special events, commercial purposes, and many more. Photographers can monetize their work instantly as digital cameras and the internet have made instantaneous dissemination of images around the world possible. A photography school teaches you the art and business of photography so that you can launch a successful career as a photographer. So take a moment now and find the best photography school for you.

Photography School Success Factors

Success in photography school and in a career as a photographer means that you are typically an excellent communicator, can relate to a variety of personality types, understand the business side of design as well as the creative, are artistic and creative, excel at conceptualization and execution, work efficiently alone and can collaborate with a team.

Photography School Specializations

A photography school allows you to specialize in a particular type of photography to match your career aspirations. Typical photography school specializations include commercial photography and contemporary fine art photography, photojournalism, and portrait photography.

Photography School Curriculum

A photography school curriculum depends on the type of photography school and school you are attending. A typical photography school curriculum includes courses in lighting, composition, liberal arts, sciences and other disciplines, essentials of digital photographic hardware and software, basic camera skills, exposure, lighting, and black & white photography.

Photography School Degrees

Photography school degrees are offered mostly at the associate's, bachelor's and master's degree levels. A portfolio is the most important consideration for an employer when making hiring decisions, although a photography school degree does help you to cultivate your skills and build a portfolio to make yourself more marketable.

Photography Jobs

Graduates of photography school are typically self employed and work contract jobs for a variety of companies and industries. Typical careers in photography include event photography (such as weddings, religious ceremonies, or graduations), fine art photography, commercial photography, photojournalism, and portrait photography.