Physical Therapy School

In order to work as a Physical Therapist, you need to have completed an accredited degree program in Physical Therapy and rehab. You also need to finish the license exam before you begin working as a physical therapist. The accredited programs in physical therapy are at a Master's or Doctoral level.

Physical Therapy School Success Factors

If you want to become successful as a physical therapist it is important that you have skills in the following categories; first aid, CPR or safety in case of an emergency, goal setting skill sets, use of disabled devices including wheelchairs, walkers and prosthetics, the ability to have good communication skills for working either in a team or individual situation as well as good communication skills to work with a variety of patients with different personalities, backgrounds and cultures, manual therapy skill sets which include muscle manipulation, traction and deep tissue massage. The individual also needs to have professional or personal skill sets such as compassion, empathy, responsibility and integrity.

Physical Therapy School Majors

Physical Therapy majors include Bio mechanics, Neuroanatomy, Human growth and development, Manifestations of disease, Examination techniques and Therapeutic procedures. Above and beyond the courses and majors that a student will be taking, it is also important for a career in physical therapy that the student possess volunteer or hands-on experience.

Physical Therapy School Curriculum

Some of the most basic types of curriculum for a degree in physical therapy include biology, physics, and chemistry. The above mentioned majors are specialized majors.

Physical Therapy School Degrees

When it comes to school degrees for physical therapy, there are several degrees to take a look at. It used to be that before 1990 that a simple bachelor degree was sufficient enough. However, over the years, a master's and doctorate degree have gained importance as well. These degrees include; Direct Entry Master's in Physical Therapy Degree, Transitional Master's in Physical Therapy Degree, Direct Entry Doctorate in Physical Therapy Degree and Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy Degree.

Physical Therapy Jobs

Jobs available in the Physical therapy field include an array of options which include; Physical Therapist, Director of Physical Therapy, Program Manager - PT, Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist- Acute Care, Physical Therapist (Acute Rehab) and Physical Therapist II-PRN. The salary for a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant is around $36,000 to $54,000, Physical Therapy Supervisor is $74,000 to $99,000 and a Physical Therapy Attendant hits the lowest mark at $20,000 to $33,000 a year.