Online Physical Therapy Degrees

Maybe you are interested is sports, lead an active physical life or have recovered from an accident and have the desire to help others. The field of physical therapy may be for you. It is the job of the physical therapist to help patients improve their mobility and decrease joint and muscle pain after auto accidents, sports accidents, and stroke, or from a debilitating disease. Students will learn how to help patients through exercises, massage therapy or by the use of heat or cold packs. Physical therapy students also teach patients how to use assistive devices such as wheel chairs and crutches. Therapists will also learn to develop home therapy routines for the patient to do outside of the office or hospital setting.

Physical Therapy Degree Success Factors

Candidates for a physical therapy degree should have strong academic skills particularly in science. Strong intrapersonal skills and the ability to work one on one with a patient with little supervision are desired traits as well. Since physical therapists often deal with people in pain, having patience and compassion is highly valued.

Majors in Physical Therapy Degree

Students can major in physical therapy. Areas of specialty are available within the major. Fitness training, massage therapy, nutrition and occupational therapy are options.

Curriculum for Physical Therapy Degree

Physical Therapy students can expect courses in anatomy, physiology, biology and some advanced math courses. Students will also take classes in psychology and social science. Classes in first aid, health and body movement, exercise movement, and breathing and relaxation are included as well. Several months of hands on training are performed in hospitals or doctor's offices as a requirement for certification or graduation.

Physical Therapy Degrees

A certificate degree in Physical Therapy Aid and Massage Therapy are available. An Associate of Science Degree in Massage Therapy and Diploma in Physical Therapy Aid are available as well. Physical Therapy degrees are awarded on the Master's and Ph.D level online. A Master of Science Advanced Occupational Therapy and Transitional Doctorate in Physical Therapy are options for those pursuing education after their Bachelor's degree.

Physical Therapy Jobs

The need for physical therapists is expected to rise as populations grow older and require more care and have more mobility difficulties. Physical therapists can work in home health, nursing homes, hospitals, degrees or in private practice. In whatever setting a physical therapist will examine a patient's medical history, test for balance, coordination, strength, range of motion and motor function.