Physical Therapy School

The combination of the skyrocketing popularity of athletics and cutting edge surgery techniques has led to a growing demand for physical therapy. Whether it's an athlete recovering from an injury or surgery, a handicapped individual trying to cope with physical limitations, or an elderly person adjusting to a decline in their physical health, physical therapy has become an integral part of the healthcare system. As a result, physical therapists are in demands like never before. Physical therapy school teaches you the fundamentals of physical therapy so you can pursue a career as a physical therapist. Now is good time to find the best physical therapy school to jumpstart your physical therapy career.

Physical Therapy School Success Factors

Successful physical therapists have an avid interest in sports, physical activity, and helping people overcome injuries and physical disabilities. They possess solid academic ability, particularly in the sciences, as well as strong interpersonal skills and an ability to work one-on-one with others.

Physical Therapy School Duties

The duties of a physical therapist are varied. Physical therapists fundamentally improve the way their patients' bodies work. They help restore limb functions after an injury, surgery, or illness. They improve mobility and relieve pain. Physical therapists work to prevent physical disabilities from occurring in patients with lower back pain, arthritis, and cerebral palsy.

Physical Therapy School Curriculum

A physical therapy school curriculum is designed to prepare you for a career as a physical therapist. Typical physical therapy school courses include anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, social sciences, biomechanics, neuro-anatomy, human growth and development, manifestations of disease, examination techniques, and therapeutic procedures.

Physical Therapy School Degrees

An associate's degree is sufficient to become a physical therapy assistant. To become a licensed physical therapist, you are required to earn a bachelor's degree and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. A master's degree in physical therapy is strongly recommended for career-minded professionals in physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Jobs

The Department of Labor estimates that the demand for physical therapists will grow at about double the rate for other professions over the next decade. In addition to private practices, physical therapists often work at alternative medicine facilities, rehabilitation centers, and orthopedic centers.