Political Science School

Political science has been a popular and well-regarded field of study for years. People who want to be political figures, lawyers, judges, or police officers often choose this as their major in college and in post-graduate work.

Political Science School Success Factors

You have to have an interest in your country and how government works at global, national, state, and local levels because politics is a complex subject that involves knowledge of how the world works. You must also be a good writer and be dedicated to solving problems for other people. Since this degree involves a high level of interactivity with other people, you should also want to work with and help others.

Political Science School Majors

Majors in political science are plentiful, and thousands of schools offer them. Political management and public administration with concentrations in public service, the public environment, law and legal students, government, and criminal justice are just some of the majors offered under this degree program.

Political Science School Curriculum

The coursework includes a well-rounded schedule of classes, including United States history, political parties, political institutions, judicial politics, process, and policy making, sociology, foreign policy analysis, contemporary political theory, legislatures and legislative behavior. Concentrations in other areas, like fund raising, campaign management, and advocacy are available depending on your career plans. There are also many online options that will help you to design a curriculum.

Political Science School Degrees

Bachelor of arts and science degrees are the most common, with Masters of Professional Studies, MBAs, and Ph.D.s also available for those who would like to continue their political career. Undergraduate and post-graduate work, most often through certificate programs, are offered. Online degrees have become so prevalent that there are hundreds offered through distance learning programs. If you would like to earn your degree while working full-time, or if you would like to the opportunity to learn without being forced to give up your professional life or personal commitments, take a look online.

Political Science Jobs

These jobs are not only in the seats of national and regional government--they are also at all local levels. Students who wish to continue on to law school often major in this field since the coursework is applicable to becoming a lawyer. Other political science jobs include police officers, non-profit advocates, lobbyists, public affairs researchers, urban planners, union organizers, educators, county and city commissioners, and business managers.