Political Science Degree

Political science is the study of how government and social institutions work. As a political science student, you will research all aspects of public policy and political systems. This includes the origins, the development and the operations of the political system. The political life of small towns and large cities will also be studied. You may conduct research on United States Supreme Court decisions, the relations between the United States and other countries, public policy, and public opinion. The political science major will also analyze political decision making and the politics and institutions of other nations.

Political Science Degree Success Factors

Critical writing and thinking skills are a must. Students must also be able to make connections and interpret numbers. Making comparisons and being an effective researcher is desired.

Political Science Majors

Political science students major in political science, political science with a public administration emphasis, and diplomacy. Students can also major in political science with a government emphasis or in social and criminal justice. Those pursuing a Master's Degree can major in public administration, international politics and policy, justice systems and local government.

Political Science Curriculum

Students can anticipate courses such as philosophy, sociology and history. These courses lay the foundation for more advanced studies in world politics, public opinion, political behavior and government. Constitutional law, contemporary politics and world politics are experienced as well.

Online Degree in Political Science

Many degree opportunities exist in the field of political science. A student can earn an Associate of Arts in Political Science. Four year degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and Political Science and Public Administration. Bachelor of Science degrees can be earned in political science with government and diplomacy being the areas of specialty. Master of Arts degrees can be earned in political science, public administration and local government, and management for sustainable communities.

Political Science Jobs

Jobs in the political science field vary greatly. Many graduates pursue a career in politics either as a campaign manager, advisor or run for office themselves. Many students go on to teach in colleges or universities. A political science major also may conduct research for the government. In fact, the federal government is the largest employer of political science majors. The federal government also has the highest pay scale for graduates who gain employment. Many students use this degree and go into journalism or on to law degree.